Derrick E. Whitfield: A New Voice in Science Fiction Captivates Readers With Debut Novella “The Engine”

September 21 12:36 2023

Derrick E. Whitfield, an emerging author in science fiction literature, is making waves with his novella “The Engine.” This debut work introduces readers to the captivating world, a place where imagination meets innovation and the boundaries of possibility are redefined.

Within “The Engine,” readers are acquainted with Captain Ben Thompson, a resolute protagonist charting the intricate waters of time travel as a Time Enforcement Advanced Missions (T.E.A.M) Agency member. Whitfield’s unique perspective, forged by his former U.S. Army Combat Engineer and Information Technology Professional background, infuses the novella with a rare authenticity and a profound grasp of innovation.

As readers delve into “The Engine,” they are transported into a world where Quantum Plasma energy fuses with stolen technology, sparking a narrative that challenges norms and constructs new horizons of potential. Whitfield’s adept storytelling is evident as he expertly balances heart-racing action with thought-provoking themes, ensuring a gripping read from start to finish.

“The Engine” is the first chapter of a captivating 6-book series, firmly establishing Derrick E. Whitfield as a compelling voice in the science fiction universe. 

About the Author

Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Derrick E. Whitfield discovered his passion for reading through 80s sci-fi classics like Star Wars. His debut novella not only offers an unforgettable time-travel adventure but also stands as proof of imagination’s lasting influence and humanity’s unwavering spirit.

Whitfield transitioned from being a U.S. Army Combat Engineer to mastering the Information Technology skills. His storytelling drive was fueled during college and grad school, leading to his debut sci-fi thriller “The Engine.”

The Engine is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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