Willowdown Books is pleased to present THE POETIC BOND X

November 18 23:08 2020
Featuring the poem “Dog in the Freezer” by Peter Coe Verbica!

Peter Verbica seeks a grand range as explores society, how human treats human, and how to structure his thoughts to verse.  He releases the “Dog” – a metaphor for hunting for answers, or maybe the black dog of depression, or the need to rail against injustice – but this angst is not all, there is joy, simplicity in life, Peter’s eloquent images defeat the algorithms; sometimes it is good to take a moment and rest a while and leave the canine on ice.


Peter Coe Verbica grew up on “Rancho San Felipe,” a commercial cattle ranch in Northern California. He earned his BA in English from Santa Clara University, a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law and an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is married and has four daughters.

The Poetic Bond X – 83 poems by 43 poets from 11 countries, drawn from new media, professional and social networking, giving a snapshot of 2020 which could be said to capture the zeitgeist of contemporary poetry.  Now available now on Amazon and elsewhere.  Edited by Trevor Maynard.

Also published in 2020 by Willowdown Books: Poems from the Lockdown – 146 poems from 115 poets, Nature 20/20 – 21 poets write about the environment, and Who Are We? – ten short stories from ten writers on country, identity, and race.

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