“The Darkness at Dawn” New Book by Pamela Roberts Lee

October 31 17:16 2020
The year is 1634 and the story is only just beginning…

The Darkness at Dawn by Pamela Roberts Lee is an inspiring tale of how a young man’s journey in the New World becomes something that he could never have imagined. As this thought-provoking and intriguing puritan convert carves out a space for himself in New England, he soon encounters challenges that test him to the limit. To learn more about the inspiration behind this unique approach to storytelling, the decision taken to sit down with the author to hear more.

“Writing is something I’ve always been in love with, and history is a close second. When I was looking for a way to bring the two together, I’m not afraid to admit that it took some time, but then something clicked in my mind and I’ve never looked back. I hope that my novel gives people a combination of excitement and intrigue, time and space to reflect, and a tale they simply cannot put down.”

It’s so refreshing to hear an author speak about her work with such passion. So where does the inspiration come from?

“The 1600s is such an interesting period in our history because it’s not that long ago, and yet nothing that we take for granted today existed back then. If you go back and think about what life must have been like for people in those days, it really was a different world. It was a harder, less forgiving, and yet a simpler place in which faith played a pivotal role in the lives of just about everyone you met. This got me thinking about how people would have reacted to the errors of judgment of others and what they would try to get out of life and their relationship with their faith and the wider community. My hope is that this all comes through in my work and that it combines with a story which is fun and pleasurable to read.”

It’s an intriguing way to look at fiction, so what can we expect next from her?

“I’m always open to new ideas and plots, so I’m going to keep my answer to this one nice and broad. Really what I want to do is to continue to explore pivotal moments in our history so that my readers really start to feel like they’re getting to know the people who were around back then. If I can go some way to achieving this, then I will know that all those hours spent writing at my desk will have been well spent.”

To enjoy a story that really needs no introduction, visit Amazon.com today and get the copy by searching for “The Darkness at Dawn Pamela Roberts Lee”.

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