“I Speak Boutique” Educates Readers in the Language of Business

September 27 03:35 2023

Some books come and go that teach you the fundamentals of business. But then, some strive to make you fluent in the language of the industry you are trying to conquer. 

Author Brooke Santos debuts her book, I Speak Boutique, where she teaches you how to run your boutique the “boss babe” way. 

As a business owner, Brooke Santos has an experience of almost three decades in companies such as Tiffany & Co., Target, Ann Inc., and Macy’s. With every turn of the page, Brooke gives her two cents that will equip you with the knowledge to make thousands and even millions if you adapt to the boss babe lifestyle. 

Not only that, she shares exciting insights from various other A-listers in the industry that give you their outlook on how to make it in the industry. Mentorship, inspiration, and experience are all in the palm of your hand. 

With extensive know-how on managing your inventory, finances, and much more, I Speak Boutique is the perfect companion to help you succeed in fashion or any business, as long as you are willing to learn and adapt. 

It’s for all business owners, old and new, who wish to send their business to newer heights. Brook Santos teaches them how incorporating small changes can lead to astronomical results, helping them realize what they have missed out on all this time.

Begin your journey into becoming your boss babe by getting your hands on I Speak Boutique.

About the Author

Brooke Santos is the owner of I Speak Boutique LLC. She has been an executive in retail for almost three decades and has collaborated with Tiffany & Co., Target, Ann Inc., and Macy’s. She has developed hundreds of businesses with her retail consulting business; I Speak Boutique. She enjoys uniting people and creating an environment where they can learn and grow collectively.

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