Onyx BOOX Offers Tips to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

February 24 21:26 2023

Onyx BOOX Offers Tips to Keep New Year's Resolutions

Research has shown that 23% of individuals abandon their New Year’s resolutions within the first week, and 43% are expected to give up by the end of February. As a result, Onyx BOOX has introduced several steps to help their users maintain their resolutions and increase productivity on their E Ink products.

#1 – Write Down the Objectives

The Notes app that comes pre-installed on devices is a valuable resource for quickly and easily arranging goals in one place. One popular technique for managing objectives and often employed for goal-setting is the SMART criteria, an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. An objective that adheres to these guidelines is more well-defined and effective than a vague one. For instance, the objective “I will read 4 books about history and social science as bedtime reading by the end of February” is a superior goal description than simply stating “I will read 4 books this month”.

#2 – Plan Their Actions

After setting their objectives, the next step is to create a comprehensive plan outlining the necessary steps to achieve their goals. One effective approach is to utilize a relevant template that allows them to list all available options and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. The Notes app contains various pre-made templates as well as those available from the cloud. They can also choose to create their own template and import it as a customized one.

Onyx BOOX Offers Tips to Keep New Year's Resolutions

#3 – Keep Track of the (Good and Bad) Results

As one makes progress towards their goals, it’s important for them to track their progress and assess whether they are meeting their expectations. If they are making good progress, they should maintain their efforts, but if they encounter obstacles, they should analyze and address them. Using a PDF planner in NeoReader is an excellent option due to its robust functionality that enables users to directly write on the document. This tool can be very useful for recording progress and taking notes on any challenges encountered during the process.

#4 – Share Their Success

People can share their progress and accomplishments on social media platforms to gain a sense of achievement and motivation. Both the NeoReader and the Notes app provide an easy way to share their written notes, making it simple to post updates about their progress. Those who prefer ebooks, can easily highlight or underline the sentences or paragraphs that inspire them the most. This can help them keep track of their progress and stay motivated throughout the goal-setting process.

Onyx BOOX Offers Tips to Keep New Year's Resolutions

#5 – Review What They Have (and Have Not) Achieved

Reflecting on past achievements and experiences is as important as looking forward to future goals. By keeping detailed records of their plan and progress on their BOOX device, they can summarize their accomplishments and identify areas for improvement. This experience can be a valuable asset for future goal-setting and personal growth.

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