Always Ready, Always Fully Charged,BlitzWolf new BW-S25 charger coming

September 17 09:46 2022

It takes 3 minutes to wait for a freshly baked burger, 45 minutes to walk the dog and 60 minutes to do yoga. When the device are out of power, some people can’t put on their headphones to feel the joy of music, some can’t share their happiness with their family on video call, and some can’t deal with critical work. But with the BW-S25 everything is changed!


With up to 75W of charging power, you can use the BW-S25 to charge at every spare moment. iPhone mini You can be fully charged in the morning while walking the dog, iPhone 13 Pro while eating a meal, and MacBook Air during a break from chatting with friends.


There are many plugs on your desk and potential security threat. BW-S25 6-in-1 charger helps you get it all done at once. Whether it’s a headset, a phone or a tablet, the BW-S25 is a simple and efficient charger that makes your life easier by keeping them all in one place.


Always lost your phone stand? Is not convenient to put your phone on the stand during charging? There comes the BW-S25 with its own stand design, in which you can enjoy checking your phone while charging anytime so that your fun time won’t be interrupted.


Boast fast charging, multiple-devices supported and plugs that make charging easier and faster and make life more intelligent and controllable. Take it home now and enjoy a fully charged lifestyle.

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