Turkey visa Application Process for Saudi Citizens

June 13 20:06 2022

With evolving technology and the internet, the world is changing, and in turn countries’ policies and people’s lifestyles. Even the government is implementing new technology and digitalizing their way of working. Many countries have implemented eVisa programs.

In the list of these countries, Turkey is one of them, it has implemented eVisa or ETA for Saudi Citizens. This has made it an easy and efficient way for Saudi citizens to enter turkey. But there are some criteria and restrictions to entering turkey by eVisa or ETA.

Criteria for Saudi citizens to apply for Turkish eVisa

  • They must hold Saudi citizenship/residency/origination.
  • They must hold a valid Saudi passport.
  • Should not have any criminal charges against themselves

Restrictions for Saudi citizens via eVisa

  • Must hold a valid Saudi passport.
  • Must declare a valid and true intent/purpose/cause of entry into Turkish borders
  • Turkish eVisa is valid for arrival by sea, air, or land.

Intent/purpose/cause or reason must fall under the following categories.

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Transit stops in visiting another country.
  • Leisure

Turkey issues eVisa for the following reasons under the following categories:

Tourism – sightseeing, monumental visits, recreation, visiting friends and family members, attending courses or programs not exceeding 6 months, and do not provide and credit or certificate.

Business – To attend a business meeting, conference, or fair, to involve in trade, to buy or sell any product, to open up a business to assist a business, to act as project manager, designer, or related post in an ongoing project.

Transit – Turkey as a stop (for a few hours) on a visit to another country

Turkish eVisa or ETA is valid only for a period of 180 days and Saudi citizens can only stay there for a period of only 90 days continuously with a valid passport.

The process to apply for and Obtain a Turkish eVisa or ETA.

To apply for a Turkish eVisa or ETA, you must visit the Turkish visa website and register yourself. You must provide true and correct information. You must provide your clear photo and passport number along with valid and true intent/purpose/cause or reason behind your visit to the country. After successful application, you will get your eVisa by email. It generally takes 1 hour but sometime it may take a few hours more.

Rules and Regulations

  • You must be true and correct at your best in accordance with the law of turkey and the information provided by you while applying for a Turkish eVisa or ETA and also must provide correct and true information if the government asks for any.
  • You must have the intention to leave the country before your eVisa expires.
  • You must have enough funds or finance to facilitate your needs in turkey and to obtain a return ticket.
  • You must hold at least 6 months of a valid passport at the time of your entry to the Turkish border.
  • Places to visit or interesting activities to indulge in turkey.
  • To visit Hippie Vibes located at Kabak bay, Faralya.
  • To enjoy ferry tours at Eminonu.
  • To sightseeing the exquisite ottoman architecture located at selimiye mosque.
  • To explore from around the globe located at Arkas Art Centre.

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