OnlineBookClub Creator, Scott Hughes, announces The Prodigy Slave by Londyn Skye as the Book of the Month for January 2022

January 11 04:31 2022

The Prodigy Slave by Londyn Skye is a recipient of the 1st-place Chantelaine book series award for romantic fiction via the Chanticleer International Book Awards. Now The Prodigy Slave: Journey to Winter Garden has also been chosen as the January Book of the Month.

OnlineBookClub’s Director of Book Promotions, Beth Jackson, remarked: “Within moments of reaching out to Londyn Skye, it was clear she was a passionate, driven author who put a lot of thought and care into what she wrote. I was blown away by how in-depth Londyn got regarding her intentions and purpose with the trilogy. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her, both on a personal and professional level.”

According to author Londyn Skye: “I wrote this story in honor of the sort of people who often end up etched in our history books, cemented in statues, and elegantly displayed on memorial sites. I noticed that there seems to be a very tiny percentage of human beings whose minds are impenetrable to indoctrination and who have the strength to withstand the weight of societal pressure. I noticed that the percentages shrink even more when considering the number of people who are also then willing to put their lives on the line to challenge the status quo. I have always felt that it is indeed quite rare that people will make such a grand sacrifice to fight back against what they view as sickening injustices against humanity. It seems even rarer still to hear of those who have fought back against the sort of injustices that do not even directly affect their own lives. So, this fictional series reflects the minds and lives of these rare, unique, and altruistic individuals who fall into that last category.” 

OnlineBookClub President, Scott Hughes, commented, “I read this book, and I am proud to have it as our Book of the Month. It’s a story that shows both sides of humanity, both the horror and the heroism, the cruelty and the kindness.”

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