Baz Porter Kicks Off 2022 With Multiple Launches in One Day

January 11 03:01 2022

Los Angeles, CA, USA – January 10, 2022 – Ever wondered or imagined the feeling of helping someone heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? These are skills that defy logic. Imagine now learning these skills for yourself, for others and knowing how to apply them. Quantum Healers Immersion is a four-day immersive Zoom event. Baz will lay out an easily identifiable platform for you to learn and understand the complex realms of healing & quantum physics. Attendees can expect to walk away from the innovative new event with:

• A four-day immersive experience for maximum results.
• Learn how to heal for yourself and others.
• Understanding of dimensional frequencies.
• Tools and techniques of ancient origins.
• Elevated Confidence.
• Awareness of higher dimensions.
• How to tap into your highest potential.

“I don’t believe in only one form of coaching. I have a unique blend of strategies to serve you at the highest level. I listen with unconditional love and no judgment. I ask intentional questions and challenge you to step into the best version of you to thrive,” said Porter. Adding that “you deserve to live the best life possible. Trauma waits for no one, and neither does time. Today is the best day to start your recovery.”

Porter is also launching his new website,, on January 10th, 2022, where users can find information on all of his exciting new courses. A highly anticipated announcement that access to his new group membership will launch the same day is getting rave reviews. The membership, Thriving Together, includes actionable steps to overcome your trauma, accountability, and structured ways to understand WHY ME? The website also offers a free preview of the program for new members.

Baz Porter’s extraordinary life experiences have taught him how to navigate through the depths of adversity. In his upcoming book Using Trauma to Thrive, he teaches others to do the same. Told in a frank, conversational style, Baz provides both personal experience and actionable steps to prove that recovery is possible and that life can be rewarding. A message of hope for millions of people, potentially, that there is light always at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see it. One part memoir, one part self-help, Using Trauma to Thrive is a message of hope for a world that needs it now more than ever.

About Baz Porter

Baz Porter is a renowned inspirational speaker and mentor who has helped thousands of people find peace in their lives. His story began when he served as a British Army soldier. After his service, he was diagnosed with PTSD but preserved to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, and homelessness.

His unique, unorthodox style has been formed over 25 years of experience in serving people globally. Learn more about Baz, or sign up for a membership at

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