VR/AR, Digitization, Metaverse WIMI naked eye light field vision lead the 5G market

January 06 23:56 2022

When an enterprise has keen observation and quick strategic decision ability, it will certainly become the leader of The Times. When WIMI meets VR/AR, digitization, metaverse… What kind of spark will be rubbed, which is the real label of WIMI, many problems need to be considered comprehensively.

When WIMI meets digitization, it aims to discuss how to deeply integrate diversified content with technology in the digital era, and explore the future to break through the cognition of the real world. When “everything can be metaverse”, let the market see the business opportunities of WIMI, in the eyes of some industry people, metaverse provides more diversified application scenarios for WIMI. VR/AR as the front end of the metaverse to reach users, VR/AR devices make people more naturally immersed in the network, but also attract more users from the mobile phone to the metaverse.

This series of “mysterious code” connecting virtual and reality will make WIMI promising. In his field, there will continue to be opportunities for C-end and B-end, as well as VR/AR and other large-scale applications. In addition, in the field of ICT, the main growth direction in the next few years is the digitization of government and enterprise business. WIMI is accelerating the cultivation of supply chain, and using its own capabilities to help partners in the industry chain to enhance their capabilities. To this end, we excavates the layout direction of the potential of WIMI, and looks forward to injecting new power into the development of the industry with the enhancement of capacity.

VR/AR has good growth prospects

According to IDC statistics, the global VR/AR overall market size in 2020 is about 90 billion yuan, the global VR/AR device shipment of 10 million is expected to reach in 2021, VR/AR device is in a positive industry cycle node. VR/AR equipment as a hardware carrier to access 3D Internet, its growth path can completely copy the path of computers or smart phones. In the future, will there be a kind of AR glasses that can replace the current mobile phone?

As early as its establishment, WIMI has developed AR tools and content, and set up a professional team and developed AR and VR products together. The company’s main products and related supporting production business have been deeply applied in VR and AR fields. Currently, WIMI Has developed the XR headset “WiMi Hologram SoftLight”, new Augmented Reality (AR) Head-mounted Display (HMD) – “WiMi HoloAR Lens” and holographic pulse laser radar product “WiMi HoloPluse LiDAR” and other holographic product portfolio.

With the gradual maturity of WIMI ecology, the integration of augmented reality technology (AR) and industrial applications is entering a burst period. Through the merger and acquisition of relevant investment layout, WIMI has obtained the industrial aggregation and support of many R & D companies in the AR industry, forming a strong holographic AR technology R & D ecosystem, and building a holographic AR value chain with great potential for expansion. In addition, WIMI has also carried out production and research cooperation with experts from Tsinghua University, and established the Holography Academy RESEARCH and development Center in the headquarters, providing one-stop intelligent services from research, development, design and testing to production, helping the company grasp the future innovation.

Metaverse is another “door” opened by WIMI

The metaverse concept continues to be hotly debated and has become a hot topic of investment in the industry because of the convergence of technologies in various fields. As a result, the metaverse is seen as a possible replacement for mobile phones, and is widely regarded by Internet giants. With Facebook renamed “Meta” as the inflection point, the current global tech giants are speeding up their run to the metaverse. Microsoft executives said the company will focus on creating office and collaboration apps that connect different universes and will introduce Mesh, a virtual experience collaboration platform, into Teams, its office collaboration software. NVIDIA focuses on building the hardware platform of the meta-universe based on the core.

The metaverse is a super complex of many cutting-edge technologies, and advanced technologies fill the entire industrial loop. Such as data processing using artificial intelligence, cloud computing technology; Network environment construction relies on 5G technology; The virtual and real interaction and connection use 3D rendering, expanding reality, brain-computer interface, wearable technology, etc. All of these technologies are in the rapid development stage and have accumulated the technological foundation for the development of the meta-universe. WIMI collects software and hardware talents in VR/AR field. On the one hand, it starts to lay out VR/AR, cloud computing, AI, 5G, 3D and other technical development, and on the other hand, it lays out VR/AR content production and content operation. Metaverse scene applications are mostly VR/AR content and service market, and WIMI lays out in the direction of manufacturing + content operation.

Digitization is the determination of WIMI transformation and reform

The concept of digitalization has been prevailing for several years. Basically, all walks of life are talking about digital transformation, and many enterprises have invested a lot of resources in digital construction. With the advent of the era of digital economy, Through years of in-depth exploration of the industry, research and development, continuous accumulation of operational experience and the extensive layout of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, WIMI company has independently innovated and established a series of sustainable development ecological business models. On the premise of maintaining the steady progress of traditional entertainment business, WIMI vigorously develops cloud service business and emerging industries, realizing the dual-core drive mode of entertainment business and cloud service as the main business.

In the next few years, the growth direction of the enterprise is the continuous digitalization of the business. In the face of such opportunities, WIMI should combine its advantages in connection and computing and the accumulation of artificial intelligence with the industry to help realize the digital transformation of the industry. Technology needs to be applied to give full play to its value. WIMI will combine 5G with artificial intelligence, cloud and enterprise application scenarios to release the potential of all things connected and intelligent, which has been included in the enterprise planning. In the new round of information technology revolution, the combination of digital technology and the real world becomes more in-depth, enhancing people’s ability to perceive and link the world through the digital platform. The layout of WIMI metaverse, conceptually, is also in line with the goal of iteratively penetrating and integrating the reality of digital ecology.

The era of rapid development of science and technology is always full of challenges and opportunities. Since the metaverse is likely to stimulate greater vitality of the digital economy, the simultaneous implementation of infrastructure and other aspects required for the construction of the metaverse will stimulate a new round of digital scientific and technological revolution. As AR/VR/MR and other technologies tend to mature, AR/VR technology has become the core direction of the development of the metaverse. As for WIMI, the enterprise is about to follow this direction, which could be an opportunity of technological innovation. The new vision of future development will guide this emerging field to develop in a healthy and orderly way. Enterprises should have a broad vision. Those who do not plan for the overall situation will not be able to plan for the whole city.

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