Reliable Staffing Shortage: EasySalesHub Resolves It With Automation

November 17 05:38 2021
In the past year, EasySalesHub has generated over 40 million dollars in revenue for its clients. With its cost-effective initiative, the company is helping businesses learn about AI technology. “For businesses who struggle with securing reliable staffing, the turnkey solution can be a game changer,” Che Brown, Founder of EasySalesHub.

Washington, DC – November 16, 2021 – The company launches a cost effective automation turnkey solution for startups to midsize enterprises. One of the leading providers of automation tech solutions and business processing solutions, EasySalesHub, launched a digital program to help business owners throughout the world learn about artificial technology as businesses face a period of employee turnover. The online programming of EasySalesHub has been expanded in order to ensure the company has a strong presence in supporting those impacted by COVID-19. EasySalesHub’s founder has generated conversion systems for tens of thousands of household brands. EasySalesHub’s founder Che Brown has redirected the company’s focus to promoting the advancement of technology so that business owners will be better positioned to deal with the future.

EasySalesHub can be accessed through a web portal by end users. The integration of comprehensive analytics, dashboards, customer data management, and ecommerce statements allows customers to easily navigate their accounts. The data-driven operating system includes S.T.E.M. learning activities for business owners, financial literacy tools, as well as public relations and media assistance. Designed for start-ups and mid-sized companies, EasySalesHub is a turnkey cloud-based solution.

About the Founder

Che is not merely a part of the conversation when it comes to sales and business, he is the conversation. Che is a globally recognized giant in the sales field who broke the code to entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential, power, and wealth. In Che’s case, he demonstrated that legends do not need centuries to make an impact; they simply need a chance and a platform to gain a foothold. Having dominated the sales space in just six years, he has coached thousands of rising business leaders to earn over $400 million and counting in their respective industries.

In his acclaimed 7-Figure Sales Team concept, he has forever erased the outdated notion that generating revenue in business is a solo sport – instead showing that it is indeed a team sport. In conjunction with the groundbreaking Evergreen Revenue Model, the theory has become a hallmark of EasySalesHub, driving over a quarter million dollars in new revenue for clients since its inception in summer 2015.

Statistics and science are equally important to Che in the sales world. Known as the Sales Cardiologist, Che is fully immersed in his field, much like a surgeon who has mastered the subtleties of their craft. An intuitive sense of why the heart of a flailing business has stopped gives him his finger on the pulse of profit generation. Moreover, he can resurrect a business’s revenue flow with just a whiteboard and a conversation.

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