Microbiosci Provides State-of-art Microbial Fermentation to Support R&D Projects

September 02 18:11 2021
With a wide range of high quality products and services in microbial genome editing, Microbiosci announced the release of its microbial fermentation to support R&D projects.

New York, USA – September 2, 2021 – Microbiosci, the division of Creative Biogene, is fully dedicated to developing professional technologies to support the research in the field of microbial, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics. With a wide range of high quality products and services in microbial genome editing, Microbiosci announced the release of its microbial fermentation to support R&D projects.

Microbiosci has rich expertise and experience in the development of microbial fermentation, and is committed to integrating global resources for those who have microbial factory manufacturing needs. With many years of experience in fermentation process development, Microbiosci aims to provide customers with laboratory-scale and pilot-scale fermentation services, as well as upstream and downstream process development.

Upstream processing services include strain selection and optimization, and fermentation process optimization. Microbiosci researches various microorganisms, including Escherichia coli, yeast, fungi, bacillus, filamentous bacteria and marine bacteria. In addition, Microbiosci professionals have a wide range of strategies and technologies, and can optimize culture conditions such as culture medium, temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen through classic optimization methods. These methods include statistical media optimization, response surface methods, and other techniques.

Microbiosci provides a wide range of downstream processing services, including broth recovery, biomass separation, cell disruption, purification, analysis and packaging services. Combining integrated technology, extensive development tools and advanced manufacturing systems, processed products can be biomass, chemical substances, and small biologically active molecules. Microbiosci has integrated technologies and facilities to provide scaled-down process development, such as high-throughput bioreactors for strain selection and process optimization. The laboratory-scale fermentation volume ranges from 0.5L to 100L, and the conduction process imitates large-scale manufacturing as much as possible to meet customer needs. The advantages in quality system, coordinated projects, change management and technology transfer experience enable users to expand microbial fermentation.

“Creative Biogene is confident to provide high-quality microbial fermentation services for bacterial production. We have extensive expertise to provide customized microbial fermentation services for protein manufacturing. These proteins include active pharmaceutical ingredients, monoclonal antibodies, enzymes and peptides,” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We are glad to provide customize solution to satisfy specific requirements, and would be able to develop flexible solutions based on your needs.”

About Microbiosci

Microbiosci, as the division of Creative Biogene, is always dedicated to satisfying the needs of clients covering more than 50 countries and districts. As a leading custom service provider in delivering medicine microbiology solutions, Microbiosci has become a well-recognized industry leader with years of experience and professional scientists.

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